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Whitney is an American band from Chicago, which formed in 2015 and is signed to Secretly Canadian. The band was formed shortly after the breakup of members Max Kakacek and Julien Ehrlich's band Smith Westerns in late 2014. They released their debut album, Light Upon the Lake, in June 2016 and have toured internationally Whitney Elizabeth Houston (Newark, New Jersey, 1963. augusztus 9. - Beverly Hills, Kalifornia, 2012. február 11.) hatszoros Grammy-díjas amerikai énekesnő, színésznő, modell és producer. Édesanyja Cissy Houston Grammy-díjas soul- és gospelénekesn.

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Whitney (credited as Portable Gamer Girl) was a character and an antagonist in Ellie's story in The Last of Us Part II. She was a member of the Washington Liberation Front. 1 Biography 1.1 Background and early life 1.2 Events of The Last of Us Part II 2 Personality 3 Trivia 4 Navigation Little is known about Whitney's early life except that she lived in Seattle and joined the WLF at some point. Prince Whitney is the prince of the Monochrome Kingdom and Prez (Calpernia)'s former fiance. He is a tall, wide and muscular-looking guy, who has light grey hair. He is mostly seen wearing monochromatic shades is grey, which is meant to act as the irony of him being the prince of the Monochrome kingdom Ez a szócikk az amerikai énekesnő Whitney Houston (1963 - 2012) diszkográfiája, mely 7 stúdióalbumból, 6 válogatás albumból, 2 filmzene albumból, 5 box szettből, 6 középlemezből, és 57 kislemezből áll.Houston 1985-ben kiadta Whitney Houston című debütáló albumát, mely 14 hétig volt a Billboard 200-as albumlista élén. Az albumot a RIAA 13-szoros platina, és. I don't want to be a 'remember him.' Smallville's got enough of those guys. - Whitney Fordman, Pilot Whitney Fordman was a student at Smallville High School and star quarterback of the Smallville Crows football team. As a high school senior, he was a member of the popular crowd. He dated the beautiful cheerleader Lana Lang and he and Lana were elected Homecoming King and Queen. After. Whitney Elizabeth Houston, född 9 augusti 1963 i Newark i New Jersey, död 11 februari 2012 i Beverly Hills i Kalifornien, [1] var en sexfaldigt Grammy Award-vinnande amerikansk R&B-sångerska, filmskådespelare och producent.. Houston var en av historiens bäst säljande artister med över 200 miljoner sålda album. Hon var även den mest prisbelönade sångerskan enligt Guinness World Records

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Whitney Whit Dean (alsoJackson,previously Carter)is the adoptive/legal daughter of Bianca Jackson, and the half-sister ofTiffany Butcher,Liam ButcherandMorgan Butcher. She is also the ex-wife of Lee Carter. 1 History 2 Trivia 3 Gallery 4 See also Born on 8th December 1992, Whitney first appears in EastEnders when she and her family; mother figure Bianca Jackson, half-sister Tiffany Dean, and. Whitney Wetta (also known as Whitney Fox) is a writer, and script coordinator on The Loud House.Up until Kings of the Con, she always writes episodes with Sammie Crowley.She began her career at Nickelodeon, as a script coordinator for Robot and Monster, and has written for Nick shows like T.U.F.F. Puppy, The Fairly OddParents, and Shimmer and Shine Whitney Renee Duncan is a contestant from Survivor: South Pacific. 1 Profile 2 Survivor 2.1 Voting History 3 Post-Survivor 4 Trivia 5 References Retrieved from CBS.com Name (Age): Whitney Duncan (27) Tribe designation: Savaii Current residence: Nashville, Tenn.­ Occupation: Country Music Singer­­ Personal claim to fame: My first record Right Road Now was released on Warner Brothers in. Whitney is a snooty wolf villager from the Animal Crossing series, appearing in every game since Animal Crossing: Wild World, as well as in Gekijōban Doubutsu no Mori.. In New Horizons, Whitney has the fashion hobby and will be more frequently seen visiting Able Sisters and commenting on the player's fashion, sometimes giving them clothes that match their current outfit in color or style Whitney Elizabeth Houston (August 9, 1963 - February 11, 2012) was an American recording artist. She was best known for her hit singles including How Will I Know, I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) and her cover of Dolly Parton ' s I Will Always Love You. Early years. Houston was born in Newark.

Whitneywas a character in that appeared from Season 7-9. She was played byKayla S. Levels. 1 About Whitney 2 Appearances 2.1 Season 7 2.2 Season 8 2.3 Season 9 2.4 Home Videos 3 She playedDenise FrazerinFull Throttle 4 Video 5 Trivia 6 Gallery Family:Whitney lives with her grandparents. Color:Her favorite color is red. Up, Down and Around!(first appearance) Bunches of Boxes Play for Exercise. This article is about the clueless pregnant clinic patient in Joy to the World. For the plastic surgery patient whose MRI appointment Foreman stole in Histories, see Angela Whitney. Whitney was a young female clinic patient in the episode Joy to the World. She was portrayed by actress Bitsie Tulloch. Gregory House made a bet with James Wilson that he could get a patient to give him a Christmas. Whitney Miller is the female protagonist inFriday the 13th (2009), portrayed by Amanda Righetti. Dia selamat dari kejadian friday the 13th Dia selamat dari kejadian friday the 13th In the realm of slasher film archetypes, Whitney served as the final girl in the film though the climax of the movie leaves her survivor status somewhat ambiguous. The character is unique in that she is the only.

Whitney. A habitational surname . A female given name transferred from the surname, popular in the 1980s and 1990s. A census-designated place in Clark County, Nevada, United States. Quotations . 1993 James Crumley, The Mexican Tree Duck, Picador 1994, →ISBN, page 138 Whitney was one of Barbie's friends. Jewel Secrets Whitney Doll Nurse Whitney Doll 4405 Perfume Pretty Whitney Doll Style Magic Whitney Doll Romantic Wedding Fashion 3105 Asst. 5750 Add a photo to this galler Whitney is a recurring character mentioned by Lori on the latter's cell phone in multiple episodes.. Biography. In Get the Message, as Lori kicks Lincoln out of the bathroom, Lori says: Bobby, you'll never guess what Whitney said to me today.In Suite and Sour, (her first onscreen appearance) she works as a manager at a spa and is seen talking to Leni

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  1. Whitney Collings Wiki - Whitney Collings Biography. Witney Collings, known to star in the reality series Bad Girls Club, was reported to have died on December 3, 2020. Whitney Collings Age. She was 33 years old
  2. Trent Whitney, known simply as Whitney, was a high school friend of Sterling Archer. When Richard Stratton IV approached the Figgis Agency, Whitney came close to being killed by them, only to actually be killed by Stratton. He was voiced by Jon Glasser. 1 Biography 1.1 Before the Series 1.2 Season 7 1.2.1 Deadly Prep 2 Personality 3 Trivia 4 Appearances 5 References 6 Navigation Trent.
  3. or character in the novel The Stand. In the 1994 TV

  1. Whitney Fitzgerald is an agent in the Video Games Division of the Department of Mary Sues. She is written by SkarmorySilver. Contents . Agent Profile Edit Appearance Edit. Whitney is a female Wii Fit Trainer, and looks exactly like the one that appears in both Wii Fit and Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. Her skin is pure white, her eyes and.
  2. Whitney Eileen (Perkins) Bates is the biological daughter of J.C. and Lynn Perkins, and the adoptive daughter of Johnny and Lydia Owens. She has at least eleven adoptive siblings, including Nakota, Philip, Ella, Sadie, and Bella Owens. She is married to Zach Bates. She is the mother of Bradley, Kaci, and Khloé Bates. 1 Early Life 1.1 Childhood Education 2 Family 2.1 Courtship 2.2 Proposal 2.3.
  3. Whitney Webb has written for a range of independent media such as MintPress News, Global Research, the Anti-Media, The Last American Vagabond, and Black Agenda Report. Her website is Unlimited Hangout. Documents by Whitney Web
  4. The Whitney has reopened its doors to the public, with new guidelines in place for the safety and well-being of our visitors and staff. All visitors and members must book timed tickets in advance. Book Tickets What to Expect. Exhibitions View all. Vida Americana: Mexican Muralists Remake American Art, 1925-194
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  6. Whitney Fordham is a boy who grew up in Smallville and attended the same elementary school and high school as Clark Kent, a classmatehe frequently attempted to bully. 1 Biography 1.1 Witnessing Clark's powers 2 Relationships 2.1 Family 2.2 Allies 2.3 Enemies 3 Behind the scenes 4 References 5 External links Whitney Fordham gained notoriety for being a bully in school. Since second grade he.
  7. Whitney Elizabeth Houston (Newark, New Jersey, 1963. augusztus 9. - Beverly Hills, Kalifornia, 2012. február 11.) hatszoros Grammy-díjas amerikai énekesnő, színésznő, modell és producer. Édesanyja Cissy Houston Grammy-díjas soul- és gospelénekesnő; nagynénje Mary Jones énekesnő; keresztanyja Aretha Franklin tizenhatszoros Grammy-díjas énekesnő

Whitney Miller is the female protagonist of Friday the 13th (2009), in which she portrayed by Amanda Righetti. Whitney Miller was the younger sister of Clay Miller. When their mother fell ill, Whitney was the one who volunteered to look after her. This caused the siblings a great amount of stress and they had a falling out. Clay left town and he and Whitney did not not speak to one another for. Whitney Way Thore Biography Whitney Way Thore is best known as an Activist, dancer, internet celebrity, a television personality who has an estimated Net Worth of $4 million. Fat acceptance movement activist who stars on the TLC reality television program My Big Fat Fabulous Life. She is the founder of the No Body Shame online [ Whitney Rose (Whitney Rose) is an American reality TV star. After appearing on RHOSLC (Real Housewives of Salt Lake City), she became Internet famous. Whitney is also an entrepreneur, she owns a skincare business and is promoting on social media. She has been married for more than 10 years and has five children

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  1. Whitney Scott Mathers is a young American Celebrity Child and Social Media Sensation, and she is from Missouri, United States. She is the adopted daughter the world's most popular rapper EMINEM. Whitney is 18 years old (as of 2020). Let us get to know more about Whitney Scott Mathers. Whitney Scott Mathers Profile/Wiki
  2. Whitney as a child. Whitney Eileen Perkins was born on September 21, 1993 to J.C. and Lynn Perkins. At the age of thirteen, Whitney was placed into foster care for unknown reasons. She was taken in by Johnny and Lydia Owens, the parents of her deceased friend Laklee Owens. When Whitney was sixteen, the Owens were granted full custody of Whitney
  3. This Clefairy was a Normal-type Pokémon owned by Whitney, who was often seen out of its Poké Ball.. Biography. Ash and co. first met Whitney when Ash's Pikachu bumped into her Clefairy. Whitney and Clefairy showed the heroes around town, which nearly got Clefairy to a hairdresser. It later became a target of Team Rocket and was almost captured, along with Pikachu
  4. ent bully of anyone outside of her exclusive clique. Two of her biggest targets for bullying were best friends Jodi Shallenberger and Mindy Lipschitz. She also had a
  5. Whitney Peaches Spuckler is one of the children of Cletus's that briefly become superstars via Krusty in his TV show and is the eldest Spuckler child. She also appears in Tapped Out. Episode - Little Big Girl Episode - Yokel Chords Episode - Apocalypse Cow Episode - Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words (Lemonade stand) Episode - Rednecks and Broomsticks Episode - Moe.
  6. Whitney is a female dog-morph who can at first be found by exploring the Lake.Each time you come across Whitney, she gives you a Canine Pepper.After three encounters Whitney's Farm can be found under the Places tab at Camp. Her farm is a haven from corruption. Demons can't seem to stay close for long, and the corrupted always seem weaker the few time's they've approached her farm
  7. Whitney Purvis is a 16-year-old high school junior from Rome, Georgia who became pregnant by her boyfriend Weston Gosa. During her pregnancy, she and Weston lived with Whitney's grandmother, MeeMaw. Her episode focused on the multitude of problems faced by Whitney during her pregnancy, including social isolation, dropping out of high school and financial difficulties. It was also revealed that.

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  1. Whitney Elizabeth Houston was an American singer, actress, producer, and model, who was the most awarded female act of all time, according to Guinness World Records. For Disney, she played the Fairy Godmother in the 1997 adaption of Cinderella. She also produced the 2001 Disney film,The Princess Diaries and its sequel, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. She even produced the 2003 Disney.
  2. The Pratt & Whitney J48 (company designation JT7) is a turbojet engine developed by Pratt & Whitney as a license-built version of the Rolls-Royce Tay. The Tay/J48 was an enlarged development of the Rolls-Royce Nene (Pratt & Whitney J42). 1 Design and development 2 Operational history 3 Variants 4 Applications 5 Specifications (J48-P-8A) 6 See also 7 References 8 External links In 1947, at the.
  3. Whitney is one of the three main characters in Hostel: Part II. Italy Edit. Whitney was an art student who studied in Italy with her friend Beth. There they meet the emotionally unstable Lorna who boards a train home with them against Whitney's wishes. On the train they meet Axelle who invites them to join her on a trip to a luxurious spa in Slovakia which they agree to
  4. Whitney Taylor is a character on Twisted. She is the daughter of Jack Taylor. Whitney is outgoing and she falls in love with Lacey. But in the spring finale, it is revealed Jack and her are both using the Desai's. Whitney is portrayed by Brianne Howey
  5. gs (born September 4, 1982) is an American stand-up comedian, actress, producer, writer, director, and podcaster.She is known for her comedy specials with Comedy Central Roasts.She created, produced, and starred in NBC's Whitney.The series ran for two seasons before being cancelled in 2013
  6. g close bonds with Monte Massongill, Alex Willett, and Morgan Willett. She later joined the all-female alliance known as The Ball Smashers, with Alex, Morgan, and Shelby Stockton, which saw success for several weeks. After for
  7. Whitney Bischoff Angel was a contestant on the 19th season of The Bachelor, where she got engaged to Chris Soules. Chris and Whitney ended their relationship shortly after their 6 months anniversary. On July 22, 2016, Whitney got engaged to Ricky Angel, a regional sales manager based out of her native Chicago. They were married on October 21, 2017. On February 26, 2019, they announced that.

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  1. Keith placed eleventh and Whitney placed ninth. Keith is the first contestant with a pacemaker. They are the third team to represent Survivor, following Rob & Amber and Ethan & Jenna and succeeded by Rupert & Laura, Corinne & Eliza, and Chris & Bret. External links. Whitney's Wikipedia page: Whitney Duncan; Keith on the Survivor Wiki
  2. Beck Whitney is a lineup player for the Miami Dale. Whitney previously played for the Boston Flowers. 1 Official League Records 2 History 2.1 Background 2.2 Electric Blood Transformation 3 Fan Art Whitney joined the ILB as a batter for the Boston Flowers in Season 1. Whitney ate a stray peanut and had a yummy reaction on Season 3, Day 81, increasing their rating from ★★★ to.
  3. Whitney is a infamous strong & tough normal type Gym Leader that specializes in normal type Pokémon, she appears in Emile's Pokémon Crystal LP, her only appearance is in the thirteen episode. 1 Pokémon Crystal 1.1 Part 13 2 Pokémon Team 3 Trivia In the episode Emile challenges Whitney at the Goldenrod City Gym, Roary knocks out her Clefairy after using bite, she sents out his Miltank.
  4. us >> Passing service direction Whitney Green has remained almost the exact same since it was first opened. The only changes are the park and the buildings. This station was one.
  5. Whitney Bray is a contestant on the fifth season of MasterChef. She ranked in 21st place. 1 Personality 2 Season 5 2.1 Episode 1 2.2 Episode 2 3 Competition History 4 Post MasterChef 5 Trivia 6 Quotes 7 Gallery 8 External Links 9 References TBA After her appearance, Whitney is owner of W catering where she offers private chef and catering services and regularly did cookery segments on Good Day.

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Whitney Bjerken Wiki 2020, Height, Age, Net Worth 2020, Family - Whitney Bjerken is an American gymnast (USA Gymnastics HOPES gymnast). Whitney is the second studio album by American singer Whitney Houston, released on June 2, 1987 by Arista Records as the follow-up to her best selling debut album, Whitney Houston. The album catapulted her to international fame. Whitney was certified 9× platinum by the RIAA on November 29, 1995. The album exceeded the expectations of many people and was popular after its release. It debuted. Whitney Dafoe is the son of Dr. Ronald Davis and Dr. Janet Dafoe and is severely affected by myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS).. Prior to becoming very severely ill, Dafoe was an adventurer who loved photography and traveled extensively.His journeys took him to all 50 states, India, Nepal, and Ecuador The Whitney Revolver was an American Civil War era,percussion lockrevolver, developed at the Whitneyville Armory by the Whitney Arms Company and Fordyce Beal.12A total of just under 33,000 Whitney revolvers were produced prior to and during the American Civil War, with some being used on both sides through both government and private purchases.1 1 History 2 Design Details 3 Ammunition 4 Trivia. Whitney Heard. Whitney Heard is an American social media personality who is best known as the sister of Amber Heard (American actress). The actress is popular from her appearance in the film's line 'Pineapple Express', 'Never Back Down' and 'Justice League (2017)'

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Whitney Haggis Matsumoto was a con man and bounty head.His uncle was Bacchus.. In 2068, Matsumoto became aware of Faye Valentine, a patient in cryogenic suspension and therefore having incurred a large debt.He plotted with Bacchus to con her into taking his debts on. He claimed to be her attorney from Hagas Law Firm and pretended to take an interest in her Whitney Palmer (Whitney Palmer) is a talented and beautiful American actress. She is best known for her work in Hollywood movies and TV series. As we all know, her footsteps traveled thousands of miles and likewise started her acting career with minor roles Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyon

Whitney Elizabeth Houston, ameriška pevka R&B, soul in pop glasbe; igralka in filmska producentka, * 9. avgust 1963, Newark, New Jersey, † 11. februar 2012, Beverly Hills, ZDA.. V času smrti je bila Whitney Houston glede na Guinnessovo knjigo rekordov največkrat nagrajena ženska vseh časov .Na seznam njenih nagrad sodita dve nagradi Emmy, šest grammy-jev, 30 nagrad Billboard, 22. Whitney is a minor character in Zoophobia. Add a photo to this galler The Whitney ISP will next be accepting applications by April 1, 2022 for its 2022-2023 program. The Independent Study Program (ISP) consists of three interrelated parts: Studio Program, Curatorial Program, and Critical Studies Program. The ISP provides a setting within which students pursuing art practice, curatorial work, art historical. Whitney is an unincorporated community in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, United States. The community is 5 miles south-southwest of Latrobe. Whitney has a post office with ZIP code 15693

Whitney Peak is an Ugandan actress. She portrays Judith Blackwood on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. 1 Credits 1.1 Actress 1.1.1 Part 3 2 External links 3 References Chapter Twenty-Two: Drag Me to Hell Chapter Twenty-Six: All of Them Witches Chapter Twenty-Eight: Sabrina Is Legend Whitney Peak at the Internet Movie Database Follow Whitney Peak (@whitneypeakk) on Instagra Whitney Fransway was a contestant on the 21st season of The Bachelor.. She was eliminated in week 6. She returned for the 6th season of Bachelor in Paradise.She arrived in week 5 but left immediately. Personal life. She originally met Connor Saeli at Krystal and Chris Randone's wedding while filming for season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise.Connor checked into Paradise and waited for Whitney to. Whitney is a recurring character in Hulu comedy, The Mindy Project. She is portrayed by Cristin Milioti. 1 Background 2 Personality 3 Trivia 4 References Whitney is a Hedge Fund Manager who works in the same building as Shulman and Associates. Whitney is uptight and disloyal. Whitney has an addictive personality which is displayed when she has difficulties quitting her addiction to cocaine. In. Whitney's Farm is a sizable but well-defended farm, positioned somewhere near The Lake. Its owner and farmer is Whitney, a female dog-morph, who primarily grows Canine Peppers and raises cattle. Other notable characters currently found on the farm are Kelt, an arrogant male centaur implied to work there as a guard against any wandering monsters.

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Whitney Manning(Kaitlyn Bernard) is the main villainess from the 2019 Lifetime film,Homekilling Queen(airdate May 11, 2019). She is the daughter ofConnieand Rob Manning. Whitney is also the main queen bee of her high school, though the film's beginning revealed the true depths of her malevolent personality. A flashback revealed that she killed fellow student Abbie Kirk a year prior, as Abbie. The Whitney Wolverine was an American made semi automatic pistol, originally produced between 1956 and 1958.3 The Wolverine was thought to have been almost space-age in its design (still considered futuristic by modern standards), being manufactured from aluminium.3 Olympic Arms began producing their own version of the Wolverine in 2005, which remains in production to this day.24 1 History 2. On This Day in 2002, Whitney's Fifth Studio Album 'Just Whitney' Was Released. Music Celebrating The 35th Anniversary Of The Whitney Houston Debut Album. Listen on Apple Music. Listen On Spotify. Movie Whitney. Photos I'm Your Baby Tonight World Tour Photos. News Whitney Houston On #SpotifyWrapped2020

Agnes Cully, better known by her stage name Whitney Frost, is secretly a scientist but publicly an actress living in Los Angeles who used the influence of her husband Calvin Chadwick to experiment with Zero Matter. During her experiments, an accident caused Frost to become infected by the Zero Matter, granting her the ability to absorb others into her skin. Using her incredible intelligence. Whitney Elizabeth Houston (f.9. august 1963 í Newark, New Jersey - d. 11. februar 2012 í Kalifornia) var songkvinna og sjónleikari í USA.Hon var ein av teimum songkvinnum, ið hevur selt flest fløgur í heiminum, fleiri enn 200 milliónir eintøk A matematikában a Whitney-esernyő (vagy Whitney esernyője, esetleg Cayley-esernyő) egy önmagát metsző, háromdimenziós felület.Nevét Hassler Whitney amerikai matematikusról kapta. Azok az egyenesek alkotják, amik egy adott parabolán, tehát a vezérgörbén keresztülmennek, egy adott vezéregyenesre merőlegesek, a parabola tengelyével párhuzamosak és annak merőleges felező. Whitney Elizabeth Houston (August 9, 1963 - February 11, 2012) was an American singer, actress, and former fashion model. She was a relative to several prominent soul singers, including her mother Cissy Houston, cousins Dee Dee and Dionne Warwick, and godmother Aretha Franklin. Whitney Houston appears in a cutaway with her ex, Bobby Brown in Brian's Got a Brand New Bag. Jerome dedicates his. Watch the official music video for I'm Every Woman by Whitney Houston Listen to Whitney Houston: https://WhitneyHouston.lnk.to/listenYDSubscribe to the off..

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Whitney is an American sitcom that premiered on NBC on September 22, 2011, where it aired in the 9:30 pm (E/P)/8:30 pm (C) Thursday night timeslot. The show stars Whitney Cummings and is based on her real-life experience and her comedy routines. On September 25, 2011, the pilot of WhitneyWhitne Mary (nee:Mary Lee White) Whitney is the daughter of Perry White,sister of Chantel Emerson & Chole Sullivan.Jerry White are the twin & Keith White,cousin of Richard White and mother of both Kevin and Melanie. She is voiced by Nicole Oliver. Characters Heroes: Krypto | Kevin Whitney | Streaky the Supercat | Ace the Bathound Allies: Andrea Sussman | Jimmy the Rat | Robbie the Robin | Stretch-O. Whitney Harris-Crane (née Russell) is a fictional character on the NBC/DirecTV soap opera Passions. She is played by Brook Kerr from the series' debut in July 1999 and departed in September 2007 when Whitney moves to New Orleans. Character history. Whitney Russell is the eldest daughter of T.C. Russell and Eve Johnson Whitney Beseler, is a female physical education teacher from Australia, who gained worldwide viral notoriety after appearing on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Hot Seat and incorrectly answering a $100 question that she knew the answer to, simply because she read the question improperly. 1 Whitney's Run 2 Trivia and Notes 3 Gallery 4 Sources Many of the news articles that criticize Whitney. The Whitney County Bridge is the county's main bridge that provides transportation access to and from the industrial area as well as more of a direct route to both the cities of Riverside and Fairfield. It is a minor location and the first chapter's main Crescendo Event in the DLC Crash Course in Left 4 Dead

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Whitney Elizabeth Houston is a muggle-born witch who worked as professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She is a former Ravenclaw student at his time at Hogwarts. She is also an American singer, actress, producer, and model. Born on August 9, 1963, in Newark, New Jersey, Whitney Houston released her debut album at age 22 and scored three No. 1 singles. Whitney (1987) delivered. Whitney Elizabeth Houston (9 Tebaxe 1963 - 11 Şıbate 2012) yew sanatkar, piyanist, aktris, pruktor, û modela Amerikayıce biye. Serra 1963ıne de Newark, New Jersey de ameya riyê dınya. Serra 2012ıne de Beverly Hills, Kaliforniya de merda. Houston hem DAY de hem zi dınya de zaf meşhure biye Whitney Blake (1926 - 2002) None Known Rawhide: Incident of the Murder Steer (1960) [Callie Carter]: As mastermind behind a series of homicides called the murder steer killings Whitney is mortally wounded when she is gored in the side by a runaway longhorn as she was attempting to escape when Eric Fleming figures out it was her. She dies moments later talking to Eric and the other drovers.

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